Sunday, August 17, 2008

A few kind words....

Just a short note to let you know how much Annette and I have enjoyed all of the meals you have prepared for us and our family. Your culinary mastery never ceases to amaze us – from your Chipotle sauces to our Chocolate Wedding Cake. We so appreciate the extra time and effort you put in to providing the freshest ingredients available. Besides your food tasting terrific, we also appreciate the energy you bring to our family gatherings and social events. Thanks for providing us with great food and great fun! We both look forward to many more dining experiences with you and our family in Chicago and Scottsdale.

Warmly, Dr. Frank & Annette Wolf

How dare you move to California…how are we going to have the Annual Lobster Fest up in Northern Wisconsin? The cooking and food are only out done by how much fun you make the event.Thanks for all of the great cooking you have done for me over the years.
Warmly Terry Graunke.

Jimmy's cooking:
Well crafted, sophisticated, layers of flavor, stylish or earthy as the dish requires; this has been my experience of Jimmy's cooking. As an employee he was a superb leader also reliable, economical and high spirited. My only complaint is that he left Chicago!
Lisa Gershenson Former owner of J & L Catering Director of Greater Chicago Food Depository Community Kitchens.

5-22-08 From Eddie O' Sullivan
Thanks for spoiling me on my Birthday! The Peaches were amazing!

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