Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saba Balsamic Vinegar

Try this condiment with Meats, Fish, Salads,Vegetables or just on its own.
Modena's Saba consists only of the cooked must of grapes characteristic to Modena, 100% Lambrusco grapes. Cooked directly over a fire in an uncovered stainless steel cauldron and bottled immediately to block fermentation and the ensuing process of becoming vinegar. Saba is distinctive because it is organoleptically sweet and harmonic. We suggest you use it as a replacement for sugar in cooking sweets, jams, and fruits salads, and to make foods more aromatic. It is also used traditionally in Italy as an aperitif, by mixing it with soda water. Saba has been known since the time of the Romans who called it "Sapa".

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