Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Iron Chef details at Google Campus

The Rules

* Each cafe chef must select one cook or lead cook from their cafe to compete in the challenge.
* They will be competing against a cook from another cafe.
* Names will be selected at random to decide who is challenging whom and which cafe they will be competing at.
* The competitors must submit their menu to the hosting Cafe Chef 1 week in advance (Jan 5th).
* The cafe chef is responsible for ordering those items in the menu.
* The winners can not repeat the same menu in following rounds.
* Competitors must prepare food for 100 Googlers (2 oz protein portions) consisting of 1 entree and either a soup or salad.
* Food expenses will be costed to the hosting cafe

* All day event

The Challenger

* 6:30am - Competitors arrive at designated cafe and meets with cafe chef
* Receive prepared rolling cart of ingredients
* 7:00am - Begin preparing their menu to be served at the opening of lunch service for that cafe
* 11:30am/12:00pm - Serve food
* Clean up
* 2:30pm - End of Competition - Winner announced!

The Cafe Chefs

* Prepare rolling cart with food for competitors
* Show chefs around the kitchen
* Prepare serving area in cafe for competition
* Put up signage (attachment below) & baskets for Googlers to judge food
* Hand out marbles and encourage Googlers to try the food and to vote
* Announce the winner!

*Note: Cafe chef must engage in the event for it to be successful!

The Judging

* A group of 100 Googlers will be voting on the dishes, using the marble system.
* The determined winner moves on to the next round.

Upcoming Schedule

* Round 1 - Mon, January 12th
* Round 2 - Tues, January 20th
* Semi Finals - TBD
* Finals - TBD

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