Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good old Left Coast Cafe Mobile Uploads.

Fellow Folks Who Eat,

Just another update from the Left Coast Cafe that keeps getting better and better. As you can tell from the subject of this email, there are truly some unique superstars preparing the food for San Franciscan Googlers.

To begin, Jake has been continually toying with specialty pizza including toppings, such as, but not limited to crab, pesto chicken, jalapenos, potatoes, pine nuts, shrimp, mango, and the list goes on. Jimmy, John, and Mark will grill, sear, broil, or cook any meat to perfection so its distinctively delicious by the time it hits your mouth. We've enjoyed some great local fish lately with vegetable and fruit toppings just to show we're on par with the best experimental restaurants in the area. Patricia and Maya put out all the vegetables that ensure everyone is getting their Ken Fair-share of vitamins, nutrients, etc. Both ladies add a charm to the cafe that help remind you that work is on hold for the moment; so enjoy the awesome free food and admire the Bay Bridge to your right. Special shout-out to Jefferson, the very modest sushi chef that wows me everyday. His uniquely crafted and named rolls have fresh ingredients with creative flair that make me think mercury poisoning is coming my way soon. Not my fault, they're too good! If you have room, which you should try and leave because Amy is always baking (to perfection) her lightly sea-salted chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Those are a staple, and she's also putting down awesome fruit custards, banging milkshakes, mouth-watering cheesecakes, and much more. With so many visitors and events in the city, you think the cafe could get quite dirty, but that is not the case. My man, Herman is always making sure the presentation is on-point while greeting everyone with a genuine smile and a, "How you doing today?"

We're lacking a cafe manager right now, but that's just because she just donated half of her liver to a close kin. Call them what you like: superstars or superheros, they're the best either way!

Thanks much from all of us in and out of San Francisco.


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